Struggling to find happiness?

Struggling to find happiness?

Are you living your life based on someone else’s opinions?

The new year has come and gone, and we are just about halfway through January. With time speeding by, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on gaining happiness in 2019 and why you possibly are struggling to find it.

"People spend time at jobs they hate, to buy stuff they don’t need, to impress people who they don’t like"

If you just take a moment to read that quote again and think about it. Is that you? Reality is it is 98% of us or was. This is one of the biggest concepts that has really hit me recently and shifted my perspective on life a little. I’m a solid GaryVee fan and consume his content all day every day, however, the concept of doing things based on others judgment only really just clicked for me. Although I understood the theoretical side of the this, I didn’t actually grip it fully until recently after about the hundredth time I heard Gary ranting on his podcast. It was like an AHA moment. For those of you not sure who GaryVee is please go watch his videos here.

One of the things that helped me understand this concept is to look at my life and evaluate who I was, what I’ve done and who was it for. Was it because I was told to do it? Was it to prove to someone I was good enough or was it simply because I enjoyed it? Majority of the things I have done in my recent years were because I was trying to prove something to someone as I put their opinion of me on a pedestal.

My advice to you all reading this is to do a quick self-evaluation on how you are living your life. Is it because of others or is it because you genuinely want to do it? I can tell you know if you aren’t happy, the chances are you are living your life based on others opinions and judgments and that’s the quickest way to live an unhappy life.

Everyone else has their own life to live and you have yours, so make sure you live it doing exactly what you want to do! 2019 is all about self-awareness! Don’t waste these 365 days.

Kelly xx

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