Summer dreaming: The changing world of swimwear

Summer dreaming: The changing world of swimwear

Ever catch yourself looking at a bikini or swimsuit online and thinking "imagine if I’d worn this when I was younger!"? I have this feeling most days, seeing pictures floating around the internet of emerging trends in swimwear and even fashion.

Taking it back to around 2012, I can still picture the simple tie-bottom bikinis and halter tops that flooded the beaches every summer! Occasionally someone would pull out an abstract print or a quirky design, and they got plenty of stares.

Don't get me wrong, that’s not to say that newer styles are a bad thing. What it means is that over time (as always) fashion has taken a turn and completely changed.

In the build-up to launching Summer Dreams, I researched a lot of swimwear and came to the conclusion that the current trend is "less is more". Cheeky cuts and thong-like bikini briefs are two examples, but there’s plenty more.

I remember sitting down in the evenings with a hot cup of tea, thinking about the designs that I envisioned for Summer Dreams. I knew that our styles had to be relevant to what’s trending, but with my own unique spin. Our current collection is the staple items that every woman needs for summer. I have incorporated those edgy, cheeky cuts, and balanced them with elegant silhouettes to compliment all women's bodies.

There’s been another exciting shift in the swimwear industry that I’ve noticed. Swimwear has diversified, becoming more of a multi-use item in the wardrobe. Both the fabric and the designs have changed. No longer is swimwear just restricted to the basic lycra fabric blend; it’s opened up different, more versatile ways to wear your bikini that didn't exist a few years ago.

The crossover between swimwear and casual wear has blurred the lines between these two categories of fashion. There are even bikini tops and one pieces that look exactly like items that you might see fashionistas wearing with a skirt and heels to dinner. Where do you think the swimwear trend is heading next? Back to designs with more coverage? Maybe even back to hot pink lycra swimsuits..

I would love to know your thoughts and comments as always!

Love Kelly xx

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