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Our movement & How we're standing up for women!

We are standing up for you! 

When it comes to swimwear there are a million different ways you can build your brand. You can follow competitors, you can pander to society or just do your own thing. What we are doing is standing up for women all over the world.

 You do not have to have a flawless body to wear a bikini. Those girls you see on Instagram with airbrushed skin, flawless makeup and the perfect physic are not always real. What society has led us to believe is that we have to fit into a specific box to be deemed attractive or worthy of wearing a bikini, and somehow being a mum puts you right on the outskirts of this box. Does this sound right to you? Hell no!

 We think everyone deserves to wear a bikini and feel comfortable doing so. Whether you are a mother of 10, have scars or stretch marks,  you should be able to wear a swimsuit and actually spend your time enjoying the beach or pool instead of covering up or worrying about what others think.

When we are showcasing our swimwear we want you to see real women wearing the pieces and as we broaden our sizes you will see more of this over the next year. My mission is to show you that no matter what size or shape your body is, there is a super cute bikini with your name on it.

All mothers are women with dreams and goals just like those who don’t have children. When you become a mother it is a life-changing event however that doesn’t mean all of your goals and aspirations suddenly disappear. It doesn’t mean you are now restricted to mum jeans and baggy t-shirts, a house filled with toys and your only outing is to the supermarket. You deserve to feel sexy in a swimsuit, you deserve to be ambitious and strive for your goals and you deserve to tell society to f@*k off when it comes to what you want to wear!

Let's empower other women and show support to others who are stepping out of their comfort zone and gaining that confidence. Let this movement be something that you stand by.

 Keep sassy and smashing it! Remember what others think of you, is none of your business!


Kelly Xx

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