How to look your best this summer!

How to look your best this summer!

Summer, our favourite time. The temperatures rise and clothing becomes more of an accessory than a necessity. While we all love the heat and action the season brings, many of us worry about our appearance when we suddenly have to show all that skin.

Here at Summer Dreams, we’re all about everything swimwear-related, and more than a little obsessed with summertime. So we thought we’d share our top 5 tips on how to look and feel your best this summer (and every season!)

1. Swap the juice and coffee for water. Even switching one drink a day for a large glass of water will help keep you hydrated and feeling fuller for longer without adding calories, sugars and toxins. Making sure you are hydrated helps in many different ways; it assists in detoxifying your skin and body, it boosts your immune system and also increases your energy, plus many many more benefits! So next time you’re thinking about reaching for a juice, grab a glass of water and think of all the advantages it has.

2. Move your body. Whether it’s going for a walk along the beach, hitting the gym for a sweaty session or relieving stress with some boxing. Getting active will make you feel better and assist your body with its normal functions. While the weather is so inviting, why not try to challenge yourself? Walk for 10 minutes longer, or add in an extra session for the week. This will look different for everyone, so don't worry if Karen from the office walks 10 miles every day. Just do what suits you, what makes you feel strong and energized.

3. Get together with your friends and laugh. Laughing releases endorphins into the brain that basically just make you feel good! Summer is an extra social time, so take advantage of it. You don't have to spend lots of money going out to dinner or an upmarket bar to have a good time. Grab your best friend and watch a silly movie you both like, take a picnic to your favorite spot or even go for a walk together. Most importantly, enjoy each other’s company.

4. Plan a pamper day. Like most of the above tips, this doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Incorporating a pamper day (or more practically, a pamper evening) into your week will do wonders for your skin and also your sanity. Do those little things that make you feel a million bucks! Some ideas could be: wash and blow dry your hair, get your nails done (or paint them yourself) or exfoliate and moisturise your body. You could do all of these or just one, but it will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week.

5. Confidence! Now, this one is a little tricky as you can’t just grab a jar of it off the shelf at Wholefoods (wouldn't that be nice). What you can do is put on your favorite outfit. We all have that one dress or skirt-and-top combo that makes us feel like we could walk the runway. The one that’s always the go-to when you have to get ready quickly, or the one that you feel really expresses your personality. Put it on, do your makeup and dance around your room or even go out with your friends. We all get so stuck on what others think of how we look and what we’re wearing, that we forget to actually enjoy ourselves. When you feel good, you look good! Confidence is that one thing that will make you shine brighter than anything in the room, embrace it and use it.

There you have it. Some of our top tips on how to look good and feel incredible this summer. You may have been thinking we were going to tell you to hit the gym twice a day and eat a head of lettuce each meal, but that's not practical or healthy. We want you to enjoy your summer! By incorporating these tips into your lifestyle, you’ll be shining from head to toe.

We would love to hear what you do to smash it over summer! Let us know in the comments.

Love Kelly Xx
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